Theme Shirt: Bayani Ako, Ikaw Ano?


I was asked to do a separate design that piques the interest of the Youth to Join the Cause of Gawad Kalinga in our City through the Bayani Challenge, and although an Unofficial design, a City Board Member and the Team Leaders for the Health Group had this produced for their facilitators in every stop they have to identify them quickly and make them a sort of uniform. Also helping with getting the word out that Bayani’s (Heroes) are hip and trendy as well…


Logo & T-Shirt Design: Barangay Bowling Tournament


I’ve been asked by a good friend to give him an example of a Logo Design where they can see the value of well-designed logo but asked me not to charge them the premium price. Considering that it was a challenge from a friend and at first just a proposal, he readily had this printed for his team. Also considering that most of the members of his team are either my Godfather and some close acquaintances, I just asked them to yes, pay me a non-premium price, but help me promote my to be launched Philippine Design Targeted site here at



E-Magazine: Cadiz City Dinagsa Souvenir Program

My Clients has been asking if I do layout or design Magazines, Ebooks and whatnot. I did layout and design for many Large Magazines before as a third-party provider and I can’t name them on my portfolio because of release and privacy clause. Although a “Hint” one of them is a Mens Magazine. But, I can show you a Magazine I made a few years ago that has a print and online copy.¬†Online copy provided in this post, but was sad that the printed copy for this design was not on the printing quality I expected it to be, so it doesn’t do justice to the settings I made with it. So Anyway, Enjoy the Only Copy of the Dinagsa E-Magazine Here(give it some time to load, or right-click then “save as” to download a copy).

Dinagsa Magazine Cover

DAVIES: Bayani Challenge 2013 Western Visayas Tarpaulins

Davies asked us for some designs for the Bayani Challenge 2013 Tarpaulins that will be used in Region 6. The task required the use of our expertise in our experiences from our International clients with the use of High-Resolution and Image Re-sampling procedures to produce high-quality prints in large format requirements. We provided the printing company a compact file format with embedded pixel density rating for highest production quality. In laymen term, a High-Quality Source for a High-Quality Print. Kudos also to the printing company for using the specs embedded.



To see the larger Copies of the Thumbnails above and how it was printed by DAVIES; and als see the Real-world usage after clicking “Continue Reading” below.

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Gawad Kalinga/Pilinas Natin: Bayani Challenge 2013 InfoGraphics


The Bayani Challenge 2013 event was successful all over the country and one of their needs was for a consolidation of data for easy display of the results for the BC event. They needed one for Printing and for Posters which is shown above and another one for Social Media and Compact purposes shown below.


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